A plate of poetry

A plate of poetry

February 8, 2023 Uncategorized 0

I contact a few days ago poet Gary Rainford. He lives at Swan Island, Maine and I asked him if I could borrow his Poetry license plate for the Poetry Cab.

Dear Gary,

Dear Gary,

Can I borrow your Poetry license plate for the Poetry Cab.

Erik van Loon

Next day he replied

Hi Erik. Best request I’ve received in a long time. Seriously? Tell me more. -Gary

After that we talked about the Dutch kicking out the French from USA to help our American friends, we talked about ao La Plata, co poet Ken Kesey and his mother Bobbie but at the end he is taking his plate to the grave with him. So I have to find another POETRY license plate but that will be really easy.

Gary Rainford

Gary is a 2022 finalist for the Independent Publishers of New England Poetry Award, Gary’s third book, Adrift, tells the stories of his mother’s dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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