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Hi welcome at Poetry Cab, 

Poetry Cab is a 23 days promotion tour of LA Poetry Beach Festival during April National Poetry Month. The promotion tour start April 1 in New York and ends April 23 in Los Angeles.

Hereby the basic information for volunteers. Under the sheet you will also find a FAQ section. Just shoot us a question and we will try to get back as soon as possible to you with an answer. The best questions we will collect in the FAQ section on this page.

Glossary: PT = Poetry Train, PD = Los Angeles Poetry Downtown, PB = Los Angeles Poetry Beach Festival

1Q. How is transportation going be handled?

1A. Transportation we don’t offer.

  • PT volunteers have to get themselves to the train station.
  • PD volunteers need to get themselves to Union Station there are plenty ways bicycle, bus, train, lightrail, subway, car. We prefer that our volunteer ‘Poetry Cab’ drivers come by private car. If they can’t we will do our best to rent cars for our volunteers. Those private or rental cars can also be used to rideshare!
  • PB volunteers need to get themselves to Venice Besch there are several comfortable buslines serving Venice Beach. 

Hereby the main routes to Venice Beach
#1 Culver City Bus Lines –  West on Washington Blvd., North on Pacific to Windward Ave. and Main St.
#2 Santa Monica BIG BLUE BUS – south on Pacific to Windward Ave.
#3 3 or 333 METRO BUS – Downtown L.A. from Sprint & 6th to Main St. & Grand Ave. 

2Q. What duties will the volunteer have and how is the food situation for them?

2a. At PD there are many hours to cover from 8 am till 10 pm but you don’t work nonstop. At the pdf above you will find a small job description of each volunteer. There is food from 08-12.00 am at the Morning After Party (Union Station) and there is food at MEDD from 07-10.00 pm. The Poetry Cab will get food in the trunk for the poets (included yourself) in the car. Hopefully participating L.A.P.D. bookstores, libraries and other locations will be willing to offer restroom and other facilities.
Goal: At PD some Poetry Train poets prefer to take skip the tiny poetry reading at different locations in greater LA. Especially for them who travelled all the way from NY to LA. They hopefully met so many poets, and went to so many interesting lectures and workshops that they are tired and we understand that. For the Poets willing to go on we offer multiple opportunities to read there work at all kind of venues. PD is also open for LA Poetry Beach Festival poets who are already in Los Angeles and most important for all our own local poets because what’s a festival without our own poets. I think that the local poets should be the most important ones because we all understand that the PB poets want to save there work for the final on Sunday and that they maybe only want to meet and listen to others. So they with the Poetry Cabs from Union Station to the different locations not to read but to listen all the great things Los Angeles poets has to offer.

3Q. For the poets/volunteers from out of town do we have a place for them to sleep? 3a. Hotel rooms we don’t own, rent or got sponsored but we are working on that and I think that we can make a deal next year with Hotel Erwin. First let’s make a succes of this years festival. I and all others have to rent their own accomodation. I stay Ocean Front in a hostel. Some can pay three stars Hotel Erwin. That’s for everybody different but the PD festival at Saturday starts at 8 am and ends at 10 pm so most people can commute and at PB festival at at Sunday it’s even better then we start at 10 am and ends at 6.45 pm.